Pirates Land


Phase 1:

The Foundation Features

  • Buy Ship (NFT) Captains can own their ships by buying Boxes or joining the spinning function to receive battleships.
  • Spin
    All captains can have 10 turns to spin for free.
    • If spinning to the “Earning points”, captains can have extra points to build and up level the islands
    • If spinning to the “PvP extra functions”, captains can collect to use when joining the PvP mode
    • Otherwise also have the “Extra turns” and captains can have more turns to spin.
  • Build Islands Captains can collect points to build and up-level the islands from level 1 to level 5 Islands will decide the maximum number of battleship captains can have
  • Decorate The Battleship Captains can decorate the battleship by many items such as cannon, bow, sail, bullet, flag
  • Marketplace & Port When owning a port, the transaction fee on marketplace can be deducted
  • Battleship Maintenance - This function is related to the PVP Attack the island mode. Captains have to reload the battleships everyday. Ships must be loaded once a day to have a full number of shots. - Battleships also can be upgraded. There are exp points to up-level the battleship and stats of each ship will increase following the level.


The main mission for all captains is to attack and occupy treasure islands. And the first mission would be to attack the islands of other pirates! Yeah right! This is the time for you to challenge other pirates.
Pirates are always acting arbitrarily, each time you play, you will be given the option of 1 of many random islands on the screen, consume 1 cannonball to attack and receive random results. The result received affects the token reward from: Excellent, Perfect, Great, Good, Miss.
You can switch between battleships to attack. Cannonballs can be reloaded, costing tokens. Reloading will reload cannonballs for all ships you own. Cooldown: After reloading, you need to wait 24 hours to reload the next time.


Sail, Ho! To become the Pirate King of Pirates Land, you must be the strongest first. Choose your opponent and use your turns to attack enemy ships.
Successfully destroying an enemy ship will receive fame points. Fame points are used to buy items in the shop.

Phase 2:

Update the Foundation Features

Build island (Free-to-play)

Captains can upgrade the island from level 5 to level 10.

Decorate the islands

(Up coming later)

Decorate the battleship

Decorative pieces for battleships will be updated to version 2 with a lot of extra items, from the common ones to the rarity ones with special and distinctive features.

Raid Boss

There are two main types of Boss Hunt in Pirates Land.
  • Raid Boss to earn gold (Free-to-play): Captains can get gold to upgrade the levels of islands.
  • Raid Boss by Staking (Play-to-earn): Captains need to stake an amount of token to join the raid boss mode. The damage point obtained will be taken as the final points to compare with other pirates’ results. The winners will earn token

PVP Ship battle (Play-to-earn)

  • PVP Staking Battle (Play-to-earn): It’s a huge advantage for the better ships or upgraded (the higher of power points, the stronger battleships are)
  • Users have to stake an amount of token. There are 2 pirates randomly battling together to earn the token.
  • Ranking in PVP: Users earn points after taking the battle, then accumulate points to increase their rank.

Phase 3:

Update the Foundation Features

Build island (Free-to-play)

Captains can upgrade the island from level 11 to level 15.

Decorate the islands

(Up coming later)

Decorate the battleship

Update version 3 of decorative pieces for battleships.

Title for Pirates

This would be the honor for Captains to have their own title, which can make other pirates or even the monsters and creatures overthere tremble! Raise up, all veteran pirates and talented captains! Because this is the time for Captains to fight for honor!


It will be an outstanding benefit if you own a good battleship or an upgraded ship (the one has high combat power will race faster)

Phase 4:


Pirates Land - Meta Festival Hackathon

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