Pirates Land


Every Captains have a dream to buy an Empire in Pirates Land, and owning an island is the first start.

How to own an island?

Captains have to build an island by collecting the fame points. Fame points can be earned while experiencing the game.


  • Islands also have different levels that decide the number of ship Captains can own. The higher the level of islands is, the more battleship Captains can have.
  • Not only the ship that captains can customize, islands also can be decorated in unique ways by the decorative pieces. That makes the ecosystem inside the Pirates Land become diverse and unique.
  • There are 5 levels of islands as follow:
The Dynastown Long live Captain! Feel the breath of the Dynasty
The Lasandaemon It feels like this island has 300 warriors who like to kick prisoners down to well
The Frosty Fort The island is chilly, call your crew to break the ice!
The Sweaty Count The land lord is literally a strong and hot pirate
The Yummy Saga Any pirate's "sweet" dream island
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