Pirates Land


TreasureVerse is a big world where millions of people are living and working. NFTs here are extremely valuable items and have a direct influence on the development of this world.
Somewhere in the TreasureVerse, on a vast sea, there exists an ancient pirate land called Pirates where mysterious legends are hidden.
The most famous in this land is the legend of a great treasure on Dragon Island - a treasure island. Generations passed down that the treasure on Dragon Island is a large mountain of gold created by giant gold boxes, in these gold boxes are rare PLT tokens.
According to legend, a talented captain who can lead his crew to rob this huge treasure will be honored and monopolize the territorial seas, from which he can attack the other blockchain land. So in the treasure island, there are always big fights of the most famous pirates, but no one has yet conquered this huge treasure.
The treasure is still waiting for the most talented pirates to conquer. Who will be the number 1 pirate at Pirates?
Prepare yourself battleships equipped with good cannons and set sail to conquer huge treasures. The era of the Pirates has come, let's set sail!