Pirates Land


Formed from blockchain technology, the structure of TreasureVerse is divided into 3 layers.

Layer 1: The Abyssal Depth

It is rumored that up to 90% of the treasure is sinking deep in the ocean. Many pirates tried to dive below to search but completely failed. That's why they all returned to Dragon Island, looking for clues about the divine currents that brought people to the forgotten land under the sea.

Layer 2: The Continents and Oceans

The sea is the easiest thing to see. Here lies a treasure trove of PLT tokens buried in caves, ancient ruins on islands scattered across the sea. The most famous one is Dragon Island. Since ancient times, people have witnessed thousands of wars for the treasure rumored to be the rarest. Could it be the key that opens the gate to a new world? It has to be said again and again, what is in the Pirates continent is only a small part left over from the past.

Layer 3: The Sky and Beyond

People accidentally discovered the connection between PLT tokens and the sky. Occasionally, there will be a phenomenon called "treasure rain", chests and PLT tokens will drop unexpectedly from 9 clouds (airdrop). Unfortunately, current technology in Pirates land is still not enough to bring people here to fly and explore outer space.